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I believe that common commitment, respect and regularity

seasoned with good humor helps to achieve the set goals.


                                - Zuzanna Seremet


 § 1




A place where we can feel ourselves.


A place where all that matters is our well-being.



  § 2

To participate in the classes taking place at the ZUZANNAstudio you must

buy a single entry, pass or Club Card and accept the Club's regulations.

The purchase can take place via the website or directly at the Club.

  § 3

The participants of the classes may be adults who have no contraindications

to perform physical exercises and participate in them on their own responsibility.

Minors may participate in classes with the written consent of their parents.

§ 4

The number of places in the classes is limited.

The order of registration and payment are decisive for participation in the classes.

§ 5

It is possible to enter the ZUZANNAstudio not earlier than 10 minutes before the booked classes.

§ 6

The prices of passes and one-time entries are specified in the price list available at

These prices do not include accident insurance.

§ 7

The person conducting the classes has the right to prevent the person who

about which she became suspicious that her health condition does not allow her to participate in the classes,

and if such circumstances are found during the Classes, he has the right to exclude such a person from the Classes.

§ 8

Membership and Club Cards are personal.

It is forbidden to resell or share the passes free of charge

and Club Cards. In case of losing the subscription or Club Card

you should immediately inform ZUZANNAstudio via fanpage

on Facebook @ZUZANNAstudio or by e-mail to

§ 9

The club is not responsible for any random events that make it impossible

To the client, the use of paid classes. There is no refund for the purchased monthly subscription

paid money, nor does it extend the fee to a later date.

§ 10

If it is impossible to conduct the Classes by a dedicated instructor,

The club has the right to appoint a replacement.

§ 11

The club has the right to cancel or change the date of classes of a given group

after prior notification of the participants of the classes. The participant can move

booking for a different date or may apply for a refund of the cost of canceled classes.

§ 12

Each Class Participant is obliged to perform the exercises in accordance with

indications of the person conducting the classes. After the end of the exercise, it is valid

disinfection of used equipment in accordance with the recommendations of the attending person.

§ 13

The instructors decide on all matters related to

proper use of devices and equipment located in the Club.

It is strictly forbidden to remove and insert pole dance pipes.

§ 14

If the equipment is damaged by the trainee, it should be done immediately

stop exercising on it and immediately report the damage to the teacher.

§ 15

During the Classes, only participants of the classes may stay in the room,

the person conducting the classes, or another employee of ZUZANNAstudio

§ 16

Participants are required to change their shoes and clothes before starting the Classes

appropriate for the Course. Information on this subject is available from the persons conducting the Classes.

It is forbidden to wear jewelry during classes.

§ 17

People staying on the premises of the ZUZANNAstudio are obliged to maintain cleanliness

and compliance with generally accepted principles of culture and moral norms. It obliges everyone

prohibiting the use of phrases commonly considered offensive and vulgar.

§ 18

ZUZANNAstudio reserves the right to withdraw from the Classes and the Club

people disturbing the inner balance and positive energy of people

staying at the ZUZANNAstudio.

§ 19

People using the services of ZUZANNAstudio are obliged to list all of them

your private belongings in lockers. The club is not responsible

for things left outside the cupboard, or in an unlocked cupboard.

§ 20

In the event of loss or damage of the key to the locker, please inform about it

the fact of the teacher. It is forbidden to open the cabinet with other keys or tools

by the use of force. A fee of PLN 30 must be paid for a lost / damaged locker key.

§ 21

It is strictly forbidden to bring in, consume food, use tobacco and

no access to the Club for persons who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or

doping, as well as bringing and consuming the above-mentioned substances in the premises of ZUZANNAstudio.

§ 22

All items issued by ZUZANNAstudio and used by Class Participants

are owned by the Club. It is absolutely forbidden to take out from

ZUZANNA studio of objects owned by the Club

§ 23

Due to hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to enter the premises of the ZUZANNA studio

two-wheeled vehicles and animals.

§ 24

The participant of the course undertakes to comply with fire regulations,

and instructions for the use of individual rooms, in particular instructions

provided by teachers or employees of ZUZANNAstudio.

§ 25

The participant is liable for property damage caused at ZUZANNAstudio,

in particular for damages made to the property of the Club.

§ 26

In matters not covered by these rules, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

§ 27

Providing personal data by Participants is voluntary. To the participant

have the right to access personal data and request their correction, modification or deletion,

each such request should be submitted by e-mail or in writing

§ 28

By purchasing ZUZANNAstudio services, you accept the above regulations,

and the solution of any disputes is at the discretion of the owner of the Club.

§ 29

The content of the regulations may change. The change of the content of the regulations will be announced via

making the new version available in the Club and by posting it on the website

The current version of the regulations is available at ZUZANNAstudio and

§ thirty

The area of the ZUZANNAstudio Dance School is fully private and not a public space

nor is it a public place. Only

certain people at certain times and meeting certain criteria resulting from the regulations of ZUZANNAstudio. It is not allowed for outsiders regardless of the entity represented

could freely move around the premises of the Club. Any attempt to disrupt the work of the Club

will result in the calling of appropriate services on suspicion of obstruction of work and harassment.

§ 31

During a pandemic, hand disinfection is required at the entrance to the club and

obligation to cover the mouth and nose outside the classroom.


 § 1

The administrator of your personal data (hereinafter: Administrator) is: ZUZANNAstudio,

located in Gdynia, ul. Żołnierzy I AWP 5, NIP: 586-210-52-60

REGON 222106749.

Your personal data is processed in the following scope:

name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number in the case of signing up for classes

name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, login, password in the case of

creating an account at

​ § 2

The administrator can be contacted in writing by traditional mail to the following address:

ZUZANNAstudio, ul. Żołnierzy I AWP 5, 81-380 Gdynia or email:

​ § 3

The administrator has appointed a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted in writing,

by traditional mail to the following address: ZUZANNAstudio, ul. Żołnierzy I AWP 5, 81-380 Gdynia or


​ § 4

Your personal data is processed on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 lit. f GDPR,

i.e. based on the necessity of processing for the purposes resulting from

legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator or a third party.

​ § 5

The administrator makes every effort to provide all physical resources,

technical and organizational protection of personal data against accidental or

willful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure,

use or access in accordance with all applicable laws.

​ § 6

The legitimate interests pursued by ZUZANNAstudio consist in

offering customers products and services in the scope of the offer. ZUZANNAstudio does not provide

data to other entities, unless additional arrangements have been made with the Customer

in this regard. Processing of personal data for the purposes of product realization

ZUZANNAstudio offers a business activity.

  § 7

Your personal data is processed manually and automatically for delivery

comprehensive information on our services as well as for statistical purposes

  § 8

The administrator processes your personal data to the extent that they are made available

in connection with the actions and transactions made by Mrs. or stationary at the Club.

  § 9

In connection with the processing of your personal data, you have the right to:

requests from the Administrator to access your personal data,

requests from the Administrator to rectify / delete your personal data,

requests from the Administrator to limit the processing of your personal data,

object to the processing of your personal data

lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.


GDYNIA 10/03/2021

  § 1

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